About Us

Funders for Schools find our inspiration in David Schwartz’s The Magic of Thinking Big.  That book has formed our mission:  To help schools help the nation’s children, and to help students everywhere grow and develop their talents to their greatest extent.

So we thought big, and kept thinking even bigger, until we found the student fundraising idea that best fits the needs of students in our chaotic times.

We’d love to give your students the benefit of our unique fundraising program.

No Inventory

No buying.  No selling.

No Risk

Your children don’t go door-to-door.


Social distancing is built in.

A Unique Fundraising Program

Imagine a school fundraising method that doesn’t involve sending children door to door or put them at any other risk.  Now imagine that this fundraising method also helps local businesses get more customers.  This is what Funders for Schools is for.