Exclusive Advertising Benefits Work Like This

You Earn When They Shop

Funders for Schools partners with the student activity groups in your area to bring their parents, boosters, and other customers to your business.  We bring new customers to you.

school partners shaking hands with businesses

Customers who use the Funders for Schools card get 5% off their purchases.  Additionally, Funders for Schools collects 10% of the balance subtotal of each purchase made with the Funders card, out of which it pays the student activities.

A hand writing on a receipt

Sign up for the Funders for Schools advertising program, and your business will be featured on the promotional materials which student activity groups distribute to parents and boosters.

Those parents then shop with you to help their children.

Fundraiser program card
Line of people shopping

This brings more customers to your business, driving up your sales and improving the image of your business in the community.

Customers who want to support their student activity will write down the school number and student activity number on the receipt and have the cashier sign it.

A hand writing on a receipt
Cellphone flashing picture of receipt

The customer sends a picture of the receipt (by text message, email, or postal mail) to Funders for Schools and a portion of that sale goes to the student activity indicated on the receipt.

Your business can sign up for more than one school.  The more schools you decide to support, the more cards will advertise your business.

School houses

Results-Oriented Advertising

They buy:  Then you pay!  You pay your advertising bills after people shop at your store.  Local schools bring new customers to you.