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The most sympathetic audience in your local area gets targeted advertising focusing on your business. Since everything is local, you need not worry about competition from major corporations.

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School faculty and booster groups drive more customers to your business. You enjoy the increased sales and new customers. And you get the benefit of being seen as a supporter of local schools.

The Funders for Schools fundraising program brings customers to you.  It finds them among those most likely to be your customers:  The people who live nearest to your business.

Support Local Businesses
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Low Cost.  Funders for Schools collects 10% of the balance subtotal of each sale made using the Funders for Schools card.  We distribute half of that to the school activity of the customer’s choice.  With the discount given to customers, the division becomes 5% discount, 5% school activity, 5% Funders.

There’s no need to retrain staff or keep extra records.  Just tell your cashiers or other sales staff to place their initials on the receipts of those who want to raise funds for their schools.

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Since donations are tied to receipts, booster clubs and other school groups have an incentive to push members of the local community to your business.  It’s the best form of word-of-mouth advertising.

Your business also gets linked from the Funders for Schools website.  Thus, your business website gets increased exposure on the Internet.

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Results-Oriented Advertising

They buy:  Then you pay!  You pay your advertising bills after people shop at your store.  Local schools bring new customers to you.