Fundraising During COVID

In these difficult times Funders for Schools have one thing foremost in our minds:  The health & safety of students, faculty and all of their families.

Fundraising While Social Distancing

By its very nature, the Funders for Schools student fundraising method has social distancing incorporated into its design.

No Inventory

Since there’s nothing to sell, there’s no inventory to manage.  That means that there’s no contact that can spread disease.

Digital Cards

The cards used to advertise businesses are digital-only, distributed by email & text, reducing the need for contact.

Social Distancing

Participating businesses implement social distancing on their own premises without the need for any student to be present.

No Contact Necessary

Customers send pics of their receipts to Funders for Schools by email, text or postal mail, without assistance from you.

Contactless Fundraising

Many policy experts have advocated for the continuation of masks, PPE and other social distancing policies even after an effective vaccine against Covid-19 reaches wide release. Whatever your opinion of such policies, it is clear that student fundraising and similar organizations must have contingency plans in place in the event that another pandemic arises. Funders for Schools is here to help.