80+ School Fundraising Ideas
Covid 19 Sare

You Make Money When People Shop at Local Businesses

Line of people shopping

Your Boosters Shop At Local Businesses

Local Business Sending Money To School

Local Businesses Send You Money

Students, parents, and teachers can suggest local businesses to be on the program.  Funders For Schools will contact those local businesses and invite them to join.  Businesses can also join on their own.

People saying one to another my suggestion is and thank you
A man setting up the Funders Fro Schools Program

Funders For Schools sets up the program and provides all digital materials.

Your booster club distributes the cards.  These cards include instructions on how to use them as well as the list of participating businesses.  Cards are available in digital format only (email/text).

Program card shown in real life and on phone
A hand writing on a receipt

The Funders for Schools card gets shoppers a 5% discount at participating businesses.  When you shop at a business listed on the card, write down the school number and student activity number on the receipt.  Then have the cashier sign the receipt.

Use your phone to take a picture of the receipt and text that picture to Funders for Schools.  The card shows the school number and student activity number as well as the number to send the text message.  You can also send receipts by email or postal mail.

Cellphone flashing picture of receipt

Here's How You Can Submit Receipts

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How to Send Receipts

After completing your purchase at the Participating Business:

  1. Have the cashier sign your receipt.
  2. Make sure the business name, date, itemized charges and subtotal are shown on the receipt. If not, request the cashier to write the missing information on the receipt.
  3. Complete by writing the School Number and Activity Number, shown on your Funders Card, onto the receipt.
  4. Submit the receipt to Funders for School by just one of three different means:
    • Text a Photo—Take a picture with your cell phone and then TEXT a clear image of the receipt to Funders for Schools at 321-616-5242, or:
    • Mail your receipt(s) to Funders for Schools, P.O. Box 780085, Sebastian, FL 32978, or:
    • Email a Photo—Take a picture with your cell phone and then email a copy of your receipt to rec@fundersforschools.com.
Storefronts of different business types

A percentage of those sales made in participating businesses gets paid to your school activity by Funders For Schools every month.

There’s nothing for you to manage as Funders For Schools does all of the heavy lifting for you.  You save money and your child’s school activity earns money.

Woman managing dificult situation
Never knock knock again

No door to door sales!

Actually, there is nothing to sell!

There are no products for you to manage, order, or deliver!  Nothing can get lost.  There’s no food that expires.  No disputes or wait times for delivery.

No more candy or baking

This is a no touch orogram

No touching or direct interaction with people!
No risk to your students or children.

Covid 19 Safe

Covid 19 safe!
Social distancing is built into this fundraising idea.

Nothing to Buy; Nothing to Sell

No bake sales.  No candy or knick-knacks to sell.  No inventory to keep track of or lose.  Leave commerce to local businesses so that your students can focus on the student activities that they find fun and fulfilling.