Benefits for Schools

The first benefit of the Funders for Schools fundraising idea is student safety. The only thing required of a student is to text an image of their Funders Card to everyone within their local family and neighbors.  Then encourage the new Funders Card holder to share the Funders Card, likewise.  This will leave the student time for their studies and school activities while earning an “unlimited residual income” for their student activity.

Since the students don’t have physical contact with anyone when distributing their Funders Cards, it keeps them from any danger!

Sending fund raising cards via social media and text

The second benefit of the Funders for Schools fundraising idea is continuous income.  The Funders for Schools program rests on business activity rather than the actions of students; so donations occur for as long as participating businesses receive customers who send in receipts.  That means that your student activity will receive funds year-round.

As the days and months go by the Funders Card keeps earning and earning… with NO LIMIT!

Calendar pages flying through days

Social distancing is incorporated into the Funders for Schools fundraising program.  Your children are isolated from situations where they would be exposed to deadly diseases.  details

Kids and teacher wearing face masks
Kids at door with shadow of woman answering

No Stranger Danger.  Your children won’t go door-to-door in strange neighborhoods meeting who-knows-what.

There’s nothing to sell.  No bake sales, no car washes and no door-to-door selling.  That means that there’s no inventory to lose or cash to keep careful watch over.

No more candy or baking
Kids celebrating

Since there’s nothing to sell, both parents and children have that much more time left over to work, study, play and enjoy time together.

You get a 5% discount off your purchases at participating businesses when you use your Funders for Schools card.  You save money as you help your children!

Dollar Sign

Nothing to Buy; Nothing to Sell

No bake sales.  No candy or knick-knacks to sell.  No inventory to keep track of or lose.  Leave commerce to local businesses so that your students can focus on the student activities that they find fun and fulfilling.